Marathon Pairs Dispute (Players)

  • Only these submissions will be used to determine the outcome
  • You can use this form more than once should you wish to add additional information.
  • Submissions must be made on or before the the play by date
  • Copy of rules relating to non playing of matches are displayed at bottom of page
  • Sometimes a result may need to be resolved by flip of a coin (this should be done by video if possible) whilst this method is not desirable it may be necessary for the competition to progress
All rounds are to be played by the play by dates given for each round. It will be the responsibility of the first-named pair to contact the second–named pair to arrange the date for playing the tie. The first-named pair must offer 3 dates on different days of the week. One must be a weekend. All dates offered should be confirmed within 24hrs by e-mail in case of later disputes. Should the first-named pair not have contacted their opponents 14 days prior to the play by date the second-named pair should contact the opponents and may if they wish offer dates for the match to be played at the second named pairs green. In the event that a tie is not played by the date for that round both pairs the will be eliminated and their next-round opponent will be awarded the tie unless the Event Administrator is provided with information that demonstrated that one of the pairs was clearly at fault. Any request for a delay in the playing of a tie must be made, giving sufficient cause, to the Event Administrator. Unless in the opinion of the Event Administrator there are exceptional circumstances delays will not be granted And both pairs will be eliminated