Singles Competition

Redhill Bowls Club – Fun Singles Competition – Round Robin

To be played under current Covid-19 Guidelines e.g. with social distancing and limited equipment – each player may utilise a personal mat and jack

This competition has been organised to provide some competitive play for the 2020 season.

  1. The competition will be a round robin event played over several weeks.
  2. Each match will be a duration of 16 ends or a maximum 90 minutes, no trial ends. No markers will be used. 4 bowls per player. No visiting the head.
  3. The player losing the toss to keep the score. One shot only on first two ends.
  4. On the first end the player winning the toss places the mat and the opponent places the jack at least 23m from the mat.
  5. The player number highlighted in red is responsible for arranging a date with their opponents before the play by date, and is responsible for booking the rink via the website.
  6. Points awarded – win = 3pts, draw = 1pt, If a player cannot play a match for which a date has been agreed then the opponent will receive 2pts.
  7. Shots not measured. Anything that cannot easily be determined will be declared a tie.
  8. Matches must be played using the 4.00pm and 6.00pm weekdays slots.
  9. If a player kills an end then they lose a shot. The end will not be replayed but will count towards the total number of ends.
  10. Any bowl that goes in the ditch is declared dead, even if it was a toucher.
  11. Jacks in the ditch remain live unless they leave the rink.
  12. Results to be sent by email to on day of match.
  13. Score cards are on a table inside the clubhouse.