Booking FAQ

I can see from the calendar that the same person has booked 2 rinks for the same time.     Answer. Ring the member that has double booked and ask him to cancel one of the bookings you will then be able to make a booking.

I can see from the calendar there is a rink free today but I cant book it.    Answer. Booking for each rink is disabled 6 hours prior to rink time. You can try and ring Rink Steward to see if OK to play.

I booked a rink but it was the wrong time or date.    Answer. At the bottom of your confirmation email there is a cancellation link.  Please cancel booking and rebook

 I haven’t received a confirmation email.    Answer. Check your spam or trash folder. Please wait an additional 30 mins to make sure it doesn’t arrive late. The last possibility is you have typed an incorrect email address or you didn’t press submit after booking. Please contact Steve Whiting if still unresolved

 I have been contacted by a second player wishing to join me for a roll up.   Answer. As long as there are not more than 2 people for your rink that is fine (inform green steward upon your arrival)

 Its started to pour with rain and I will no longer be going   Answer. If you have decided not to go please cancel the booking. If is less than 2 hours please also try and get in touch with the green steward so that he is aware.

MONDAYBarry MartynJohn Davison
TUESDAYRoland Simon
Gill Jarrett
Bryan Gaunt
WEDNESDAYFrom 1.00 Roger & Marion Gatland
Frank Harper
THURSDAY1.00-2.00 Bryan Gaunt
Ames Brisley
Ralph Wycherley
Key Holders Only
FRIDAYAlan Beaver
David Rigg
Gary Parsons