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The competition will be 18 ends and semi finals and finals will be 3 woods however during the rounds should both teams wish to play with 4 woods this will be allowed. Should one team only want to play with 3 woods then the game will be 3 woods

Competitors must be a member of a Bowling Club as listed. 

Redhill (hosting finals)  Banstead Neville  Bletchingley  Brockham Caterham  Chipstead  Donyngs*  Dorking  Godstone   Horley Newdigate  Old Coulsdon Pippbrook  Popes Mead Reigate Priory

The competitors forming a pair do not have to be a member of the same club but if this is the case it is their responsibility to ensure the opponents know which club they are playing their home matches out of. Forfeit of match may be result of game not being played.

Bowls Surrey rules for Pairs Competitions with regards to match play will apply except as modified below.

Dress code for all rounds up to semi-finals should be recognised bowls attire. This would normally be greys with a club shirt. Semi-finals and Finals will be whites with a club shirt

Each game shall consist of 18 ends – three bowls each player. 

In the case of a tie an extra end shall be played to determine a result. The skips shall toss a coin, the winner having the right to decide who shall play first.

The pair which plays the first game shall constitute the team. A substitute may be used after a completed round provided they have not already played in this event. They may play in any position.

When a substitute is being used for the first time for the final or semi-final then a badged player may not replace an unbadged player.

Evening matches should start promptly at 6pm or before.

It is hoped that every game can be played on time but it is recognised there are some instances where a player is excessively late in arriving. The non-offending pair may claim the game after waiting 30 minutes from the agreed start time. However, we would like to think the non-offending pair would give consideration to the circumstances.

If for whatever reason an evening match starts later than 6.30pm the duration of the match may be shortened (either by ends or by time) this must be agreed by both pairs prior to start of game.

Two trial ends are permitted prior to the commencement of the tie. (Consideration for dark evenings should be taken into account)

The Skipper may swap places with the Lead once during the game (they must inform the opposing skipper prior to swapping and it must take place between ends). One change allowed per match and is not compulsory.

All efforts should be made by both pairs to obtain a result on the day and as long as both teams agree a format and the result whether through misunderstanding, lack of knowledge or circumstances the result will stand.

All rounds are to be played by the play by dates given for each round. It will be the responsibility of the first-named pair to contact the second–named pair to arrange the date for playing the tie. The first-named pair must offer 3 dates on different days of the week. One must be a weekend. All dates offered should be confirmed within 24hrs by e-mail in case of later disputes.

Should the first-named pair not have contacted their opponents 14 days prior to the play by date or 7 days prior to the play by date where the round is less than 3 weeks duration then the second-named pair should contact the opponents and may if they wish offer dates for the match to be played at the second named pairs green.

In the event that a tie is not played by the date for that round both pairs the will be eliminated and their next-round opponent will be awarded the tie unless the Event Administrator is provided with information that demonstrated that one of the pairs was clearly at fault.

Any request for a delay in the playing of a tie must be made, giving sufficient cause, to the Event Administrator. Unless in the opinion of the Event Administrator there are exceptional circumstances delays will not be granted And both pairs will be eliminated


The winner of each round shall either enter their result using Enter Score on the website or by emailing / telephoning the result to the Event Administrator no later than 10 p.m. on the day after the tie is played, A score card must be signed by both skips and retained.

The winning team should check the draw to ensure their result has been added. This would normally be within 24hrs.

All decisions made by the Event Administrator will be final.

Steve Whiting

Event Administrator   

PREVIOUS WINNERS  2022                           

Men’s Final

1st Steve Whiting & David Hall (Redhill/Chipstead)

2nd Roland Simon & Bernard China (Redhill/Banstead Neville)

3rd Allan Weller & Peter Pizzie (Horley)

4th Trevor Pocock & Graham Bickley (Bletchingley)

Ladies’ Final

1st Denise George & Tessa Loader (Horley)

2nd Jenny Tickner & Evette Oakford (Reigate Priory)

3rd Gillian Murphy & Caroline East (Chipstead)

4th Julie Hammond & Jane Richardson (Caterham)

Plate (for 1st Round losers)

1st David Rigg & Allan Penton (Redhill)

2nd Charlie Murphy & Ian Steele (Chipstead)

3rd Gill Tarrant & Tricia Hall (Chipstead)

4th Jan Janet Brunt & Vanessa Gaunt (Redhill/Old Coulsdon)