Celebrity Answers

who is bowling out the Singapore opening batsman in 1982

Correct Answer: Brian Gaunt

Who was the Singapore opening batsman in the ICC Trophy 1982 played in England

Correct Answer: L P Young Ken Sen

One of this famous pairs partnership couldn’t play so who is Gary standing in for

Correct Answer: Paul Foster

Who is Gary standing next to

Correct Answer: Alex Marshall

Who appeared in the Sunday times after winning The London Championship
Fur and Feather Show, at Alexander Palace in 1977

Correct Answer: Marion Gatland

What breed of Cavey is this ?

Correct Answer: Sheltie

What is the Cavys name (this is possible you just have to look into it)

Correct Answer: Ivory Lady(this was actually written in top right of photo)

Which Mayor was John teaching the finer points of bowls

Correct Answer: Cllr David Pay

What number does Paul have on is vest

Correct Answer: 54

Who is the American on the Extreme left whos been in the news recently

Correct Answer: Alberto Salazar

Who opened the new green at Wiggie in 1931

Correct Answer: Alderman Temple Newell JP CC

What colour jack was delivered to open the green

Correct Answer: Silver

What year did these 2 celebrities win their awards

Correct Answer: 2019

What year did this Redhill 4 win the EBA Rink Championship

Correct Answer: 1947

This pop opera group came second in which TV Talent Show

Correct Answer: X Factor

Which of their singles finished in the top 10

Correct Answer: Bohemian Rhapsody

Roger and Marion’s son above loves racing pigeons but what year did he retire from representing England and Great Britain at swimming

Correct Answer: 1990

Jenny Eales is being congratulated by this celebrity in which sport did she win

Correct Answer: Tennis

Who is the celebrity?

Correct Answer: Lew Hoad

Who was waving Steve and Pam of in the London to Brighton Rally

Correct Answer: Stirling Moss

Bryan was snookered by this celebrity in 1983 who is he

Correct Answer: Cliff Thorburn

Who did this celebrity beat to win the world championship

Correct Answer: Alex Higgins

Some people appear on the BBC others in the Sunday Times this members claim to fame is when she appeared in the Sutton and Cheam Herald in 1960 entitled First Day at School ( she appears bottom right who is she)

Correct Answer: Pam Whiting

This Redhill team won the shortmat competition at the Olympic Park. Which female Olympian presented the trophy

Correct Answer: Asha Phillips

This Redhill team won the shortmat competition at the Olympic Park. Which male English darts player presented the medals

Correct Answer: Josh Payne