Match lists are displayed in the clubhouse but if you are unable to get there and want your name put up you can ring the clubhouse or email one of the Captains/Vice-Captain.

Saturday 25th May : Away v Popesmead : Friendly Mixed Triples

** 2 PM START**
Rink 1 : Lyn Davison, Jenny Eales,  Sam Cates (Capt)
Rink 2 : Anne Currie, Frank Harper, Roger Gatland
Rink 3 : Marion Gatland, Ames Brisley, John Davison
Rink 4 : John Currie, Gill Jarrett, Paul Eales
Reserves :

Sunday 26th May : Home v Epsom : Friendly Men’s Triples

Rink 1 : Frank Harper, Daniel Mullen, Gary Parsons
Rink 2 : Liam Hall, Dave Rigg (Capt), Roger Gatland
Rink 3 : *Rob Hobart, Dave Mannings, Brian Styles*
Reserves :

Wednesday 29th May : Home v Godstone : NDL Triples

Rink 1 : Ames Brisley (Capt), Jenny Eales, Steve Whiting
Rink 2 : *Marion Gatland, Alan Beaver, Dave Rigg*
Rink 3 : Pam Wilkins, Jim Cunningham, Allan Penton
Reserves : Ros Penton, Frank Harper

Thursday 30th May : Away v Horley : Ladies’ Friendly Triples

Rink 1 : Marion Gatland, Lyn Davison (Capt), Gill Jarrett
Rink 2 : Jan Brunt, Ann Pannell, Sylvia Collingwood
Reserve : Lynn Came

*Indicates duty rink for home match*. See club noticeboard for list of duties.
Please tick against your name on the team list in the clubhouse to confirm availability or contact the match Captain  by phone or email.

Matches commence at 2.30 p.m. and dress is Whites unless stated otherwise.

Any queries to match Captain or on Men’s or Mixed Matches to Sam Cates, Men’s Captain , or Brian Sabey, Men’s Vice-Captain

Any queries on Ladies’ Matches to Lyn Davison, Ladies’ Captain