Cats league 2017/18

Ames BreisleyJohn DavisonRoger GatlandMicheal Wretham
Edna BreisleyLyn DavisonMarion GatlandJoyce Woods
Gill JarettMary PeckhamBert StevensTony Woods
Deliah TerryPam WalkerPauline StevensRoy Dukes
Harry WedgeAllen PentonJohn CurrieGwen Dukes
Carol WedgeRos PentonAnne CurrieEric Came
Jan BruntJohn JefferyPam WhitingLynn Came
Terry PetherwickPauline JefferyAlan BeaverTony Avery
Gordon LoaderDave ManningBrenda Avery

The Cats league will be held on most Tuesdays and  at 2.30

There are 4 teams – in 2017/18 these are Cats

The Format will be triples.

Matches should start at 2.30pm with tea and biscuits or cakes about halfway. The last end will be at 4.30pm with no further jacks after this time.

A team may pick 4 players for the match with only 3 players playing at any one time. (This is so a husband and wife may both play if only one picked for that match.)

There will be a charge of £1.50 per player. (This covers the cost of heating, lighting, tea and cake or biscuits.

There will be no matches during Dec. and Jan

The last match of season will be a play off for 1st 2nd and 3rd 4th. after which we will hold a small presentation and  a meal, cost would be £4.00