Frequently Asked Questions


Dear Club Contact,


Bowls Surrey, have been asked to give some guidance to Clubs.

Can we please state, that in no way are we dictating to Clubs what they should do.

The following are suggestions & actions you may wish to consider. In addition, there is confirmation of some of the decisions already made.


  1. QDo we have to close?
  2. The government has not at this time said you must, however it has stated that we should not make unnecessary journeys, frequent Clubs, or have any large gatherings.


  1. How long will it last?
  2. Nobody knows. However, you will have seen from the Bowls Surrey statement earlier, that we will be reviewing the situation on 2nd June. You may wish to do a similar thing, to give your members hope.


  1. What do we do about Club Subscriptions?
  2. As you know both Bowls England and Bowls Surrey are refunding the Affiliation fees, we trust this will be taken into consideration when you are determining what to charge your members. Obviously, there will still be running costs, so each Club must do what it thinks is right & fair.


  1. With the affiliation fees being refunded, are we still affiliated with BE & Surrey?
  2. Yes.


  1. Sutton Winson Insurance. Are we still insured?
  2. Sutton Winson have confirmed that they will honour the Bowls England Civil Liability Insurance scheme for the 2020 season. If you are not with Sutton Winson we advise to check that you are covered.


  1. Will Surrey Comps take place this year?
  2. No, Competition entry fees (excluding Champion of Champions), are being returned. Players will have to enter afresh for 2021. With regard to Champion of Champions, both male and female winners of the Club Championship 2019, will automatically be entered in to the SCBA and SCWBA Champion of Champions for 2021. Entry fees submitted for this competition will be held over.



  1. What will happen to the Anniversary games?
  2. If the situation arises that we are able to open the Clubs and play, we will endeavour to fit the games in this year, if unable to do this, the Clubs will have the opportunity to celebrate in 2021.


  1. What is the situation with Council greens?
  2. Bowls England are making enquiries currently, however our suggestion would be that you contact your Local Councils, as they all work differently, to see if they have made any decisions. It could be some time before BE get a definitive answer.


As stated, as information becomes available, Bowls Surrey will continue to keep the clubs informed.  There will be a review on 2 June 2020.

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