To all Bowlers in Surrey,

Bowls England have put out a communication regarding the Coronavirus, which has been published on both the SCWBA & SCBA websites. In the light of the Bowls England statement, Bowls Surrey wish to make the following statement on behalf of SCWBA & SCBA.


Senior Officers of both Associations, in conjunction with Bowls Surrey, will manage all affairs, whilst this situation exists. Both Secretaries are making themselves available to assist Clubs as much as possible with advice.

SCWBA –  Mobile 07729 022091

SCBA –  Mobile 07846 367034


This will be provided in three ways. 1. Direct to each Club, via the Club Contact 2. Via the Websites 3. Via Facebook to those who have signed up.


Inter-County Matches & Competitions.

These have all been cancelled. Players will be contacted who have already paid for matches.

County Competitions.

These will not take place in 2020. All entrants will receive a refund of their entry fee.

Celebration & Internal Friendly matches.

Any that were scheduled to be played in May or June 2020 are cancelled. Our expectation is, that the remainder will also be cancelled, however we will review them 2nd June 2020. Once again players will be contacted, who have already paid for matches.

Presidential Teams

These will be deferred for one year, in order for them to enjoy a full year in office.

Affiliation Fees

All affiliation fees including Bowls England, will be refunded to Clubs, once we have received the monies, together with Surrey & National Competition entry fees, also any payment made for year books. The only exception being any donations made to the Benevolent funds.

This will be made as one payment to Clubs. It is then down to the Clubs to reimburse their members.


We trust that everyone will remain healthy during this worrying period.

Yours sincerely

Colin Homes


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